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evie lee


Born & Raised in Charlotte, NC (Past relocations in Western North Carolina)

Graduate, Libby Stone Professional Modeling & Finishing School

Community College, Arts, Business, Photography 

Owner/Director ~ Evie Lee Enterprise

      (e l e Modeling/Finishing; e l e Creative Printwork/Design; e l e SnapShotz Photography)

Wife to an wonderful man and Mom to an awesome daughter ~ My greatest blessings!


A lifetime of creative arts and photography, have been my happy place and a joy to share with others!  Many years ago, I fell in love with photography.  I use to carry around my little instamatic to jr high school with me and snapped photos between class and during lunch break.  By high school, I began "official photography" class with a fully manual SLR Fujica with which I snapped happily most every day.  It was then that I learned and experienced darkroom developement and printwork.  After highschool, I began a full time working career by day and evening college/specialized classes ~ Ohhh and I also married my best friend in the whole world.  God blessed me with the most amazing man and I love him dearly.  He is working on my photoEscape sets and always helps me get ready for my shoots! He makes it happen!  After 10 years of marriage, my most precious photo op came along.  She was a bundle of pure joy, long awaited and an answer to many prayers.  My daughter was the center of all ways of life, camera lens included!  She can, to this day, strike a fabulous pose on call and is stunningly photographic.  God blessed her with an amazing talent in dance and theater and it is pure joy watching her grow into the amazing young woman she is now.  She is my Social Media Market/Networking gal and contributed to the launch of this site.  I would like to thank my family and friend who have prayed for and supported my photography over the years and are the best and I am truely blessed!! ily!




Luminescent digital photography and dimensional ad design is where my creative heart flows.  I love working with light and creating visual effects. Having "perspective insight" is a blessing that I am truly thankful for!  My impromptu ablilty to set scene-scapes makes for a great instant photo ops!  


* photoEscapes ~ make me snaphappy and are a wonderful escape from traditional cheezy backdrops!  Custom creative scene scapes covering a variety of realistic, dramatic and artistic staging has prompted me to coin the term "photoEscape" and the E is significant!  My photoEscape settings and custom edits produce a dramatic effect that will be snapped in a moment and on your wall throughout generations!  They are thoughtfully taylored with you specifically in mind to showcase your true innermost joy.  My custom ProCanvas prints will make you smile and melt your heart!  There are several "photoEscapes" options to choose from:  Vintage;  Bubbles & Bows;  Seasons;  Garden;  Terrace Tea Party;  Wall of Doors;  Rustic/Country;  RainDance;  Rock/Creek Walk; Sunrise/set;  Beach/Mtns;  Linen & Lace;  Critters; sweetEscapes (little peeps!) & more ~


* PHOTO OPTIONS:  On Site Location Shoots, Headshots, Model Composites, Dance/Gymnast; Family and Group Events, Weddings, Architecture, Landscape, Products and Traditional Studio Shots. 


* Hair & MakeUp:  With 30+ years experience in hair style and makeup application, I am happy to offer additional services for print application makeup and hair styling.  These options are not required for any photo services but will optimize print quality. (minimal fee)


* PRINTWORK & DESIGN OPTIONS:  Ad / Press Release;  Promotional Flyer;  Brochures;  Logo Design;  Letterhead Design;  Business Cards;  Digital Promos;  Posters;  Wall Decals;  PROFESSIONAL CUSTOM CANVAS PRINTS;  Various Print Gift & Accessories






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